Starting with the collaboration between Art Processors and our partner organisation, we aim to maximize the opportunity for all other collaborative elements in the experience, such as those between: visitor and space; technology and art; emotion and learning.

Getting to know you
We immerse ourselves into the knowledge and experience outcomes already existing within the your organisation. We conduct interviews with staff members, absorb previous visitor studies and speak with existing visitors as well, in order to get an understanding of their needs and desires. This helps us to identify the key visitor experience issues that need to be solved.

We blend elements of creativity and technology together seamlessly with specific focus on mobile-based on-site user experience outcomes. Goals are iterated and met to satisfy the creative and technical requirements. Content creation follows from the audience research and may involve script writing, hiring and coordinating voice talent, recording narration and sound atmospherics and creating sound–scapes suitable for use within locative audio experiences.

By taking advantage of the power offered in Art Processors’ pre-existing software and management tools, we can offer expedited access to prototypes for both user and client testing. For those tasks that do not yet exist in the standard platform, Art Processors excel at solving difficult technical solutions in novel ways to provide the magical user experience.

Design, development & testing
We work in a mode that supports continuous integration changes to the design based on visitor and client feedback. With each installation being unique, we collaborate with our partner institution to find the solution that best fits with visitor traffic, staff understanding and team size. With applications in the hands of the public, maintenance and monitoring become primary tools for keeping the experience running as smoothly as possible.

Deployment, maintenance & monitoring
Technology is a constantly evolving entity and as part of the collaborative environment that Art Processors seek to foster with their clients an ongoing relationship that sees the continued evolution of the visitor experience to be something that is loved for years to come.