The most effective way to create an unforgettable visitor experience is via the harmonious interaction of architecture, art and technology. Our approach seeks to enhance visitor interaction within the physical space, encouraging free thought. We enable exhibition designers and curators to display the works the way they want, without constraint.

The founders of Art Processors invented the first mobile interpretive solution designed to replace wall labels and traditional signage. Originally developed for the Museum of Old and New Art, Mona, in Tasmania, the technology allows visitors to seamlessly engage with rich content relevant to nearby items of interest.

Beginning with a brief from Mona for the design of an electronic system capable of replacing wall labels, an early prototype was developed in 2009 to demonstrate the feasibility of using indoor positioning technology to provide proximity based artwork listings.

Throughout the Mona project the Art Processors founders worked closely with Mona's creator David Walsh and his dedicated team of exhibition designers, art directors, architects, and curators in designing the new mobile guide. Considerable research, development and testing resulted in what Mona's visitors affectionately now refer to as 'The O'. Operating reliably across Mona's 8000 square metres of floor space as the sole source of artwork information and interpretive material, The O forms an integral component of the visitor experience.

To date, The O has been used by over 500,000 Mona visitors. Over 17 million artworks have been viewed on the system.

Following from the success of Mona and The O, Art Processors was formed. The Art Processors Enso Platform is the evolution of the technology we developed for Mona. Enso is designed for creating world-class mobile experiences at museums, cultural institutions and tourist sites. It includes dedicated hardware and software components that combine seamlessly to provide a technologically transparent solution for location-based mobile content delivery. Enso supports the latest indoor positioning technologies, includes easy-to-use administration and content publishing applications, and provides unrivalled insight into visitor activity and satisfaction via our analytics tools.

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